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The Bit By Bit Advantage

Programming. Robotics. Graphics. Sports. Games. Fun.

Bit By Bit is a summer computer camp for children aged 9-15. Operated by the Computer Science Department at Western University, we introduce young students to the fascinating world of computer science and technology. Campers learn ideas and skills that form the basis for the technology they use every day. We aim to show campers that computers and technology empower them to bring their ideas to life.

Designed For Your Child

Our curriculum makes use of experiential learning principles and is designed for campers ages 9-15, regardless of experience or skill level. Campers with beginning or advanced computer experience alike will find a stimulating, engaging curriculum.

A Head Start in a New World

Computers are everywhere. Employers today seek candidates with strong technical skills, even for jobs not traditionally associated with computers. Learning these skills at a young age will give your child a head start that will be useful in many areas of life, and applicable in just about any field your child might one day choose.

Fun and Games

While Bit By Bit aims to provide a solid grounding in technical skills, your child won't be stuck indoors, sitting in front of a computer all day. With robotics competitions, daily outdoor games, swimming, and other group activities, your child will enjoy plenty of time for exercise and socialization with peers.

See you next year!


So Cool Your Kids Won't Even Know They're Learning

The collection of technologies we teach at Bit By Bit is regularly updated to keep our curriculum fresh and relevant. Some of the technologies we've taught in past years are shown below.


Real-World Programming: Python

This powerful language will be used to introduce campers to a "real world" programming language. Python is considered to be one of the best "teaching languages" and will be used for our more advanced challenges.

Programming Fundamentals: Scratch

An easy, visual language for learning the basics of programming. Campers will use scratch to learn the basics, to create games, and to tell stories.

Game Development: GameMaker

A drag-and-drop game creator that will be used to teach campers the principles of programming, while enabling them to create attractive, fun games.

Design and Engineering

Graphic Design: Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the undisputed industry leader in graphic design software. Using this software, campers will design all sorts of fun and interesting graphics, all the while learning real-world design skills.

Web Design: Dreamweaver

Campers will use Dreamweaver to assist them in creating their own Web sites. Along the way, they'll learn core technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, in addition to Web design fundamentals.

Robotics: Lego NXT

Using the LEGO Mindstorms NXT system, campers will wortk together to solve robotics challenges. Campers will learn the basic principles of robotics, including motor control, drivetrain design, sensor inputs, and autonomous robot control.

Computer Science Fundamentals: Minecraft

Did you know the unbelievably popular and addictive game Minecraft can be used to learn computer science?

2018 Camp Dates

We're Here All Summer

Bit By Bit runs for 8 weeks, from July 3 to August 24. Why not get the kids out of the house?

Week Dates Days Duration Price Status
1 Jul 3 - 6 4 days $175.00 Available
2 Jul 9 - 13 5 days $200.00 Available
3 Jul 16 - 20 5 days $200.00 Available
4 Jul 23 - 27 5 days $200.00 Available
5 Jul 30 - Aug 3 5 days $200.00 Available
6 Aug 7 - 10 4 days $175.00 Available
7 Aug 13 - 17 5 days $200.00 Available
8 Aug 20 - 24 5 days $200.00 Available

Get Notified About Registration

We are updating our web site to serve you better. 2018 registration will open in late March or early April.

Please enter your email address below and we will send you an email two weeks before camp opens.

Discounts / Refunds

Sibling Discount

In each week with multiple siblings registered, save $10.00 per camper after the first camper.


Please see our refund/cancellation policy.


A Typical Day at Bit By Bit...

While activities vary from day to day, here's a sample of what a day at Bit By Bit might look like for your child.

Camp Hours

Bit By Bit runs from 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM each day.

Before / After Program

For a nominal fee of $25.00 for the week, a before and after program is available from 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM, and from 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM.

What to Bring

Campers should bring a swimsuit and towel, comfortable indoor/outdoor shoes, and a re-useable water bottle.

Your child will have the opportunity to purchase lunch. Alternatively, campers are welcome to bring their own lunch and snacks.

Before program

Nominal fee applies.

Regular Arrival / Sign In

Graphic Design

The counsellors deliver a tutorial to campers on one or more Photoshop concepts. Campers learn while doing, following the steps given in the tutorial.

Having worked through a tutorial interactively with their counsellors, campers are now presented with a new challenge. By applying their newfound knowledge, they synthesize a design of their own. Counsellors are circulating around the room, helping campers as questions arise.


Depending on the skill level of the class, the counsellors might give a tutorial on concepts from a number of languages/platforms, including Python, Java, Visual Basic, GameMaker, or Scratch.

Campers are now asked to solve a programming problem, using the skills they learned in the tutorial.


Campers and counsellors eat and socialize together outside (weather-permitting) the Grad Club, the restaurant located conveniently in Middlesex College. Campers can either purchase their lunch, or eat a lunch brought from home.

Free Time

Campers enjoy some supervised free time in the computer lab. Campers often spend this time enjoying a multiplayer game of Paintball or exploring the world of Minecraft. Friendly competition and light banter amongst campers makes for a fun atmosphere of socialization.


After a quick walk to Western's Recreation Center, campers cool off in an Olympic-sized pool, swimming and playing games together as a group.

Web Design

Counsellors provide a step-by-step tutorial on one or more concepts in Web design. Campers learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and use Adobe Dreamweaver to aid their design.

Once again, campers are asked to complete a short challenge to solidify their Web design knowledge. Over the course of the week, these Web design challenges will typically culminate in the development of a simple, personal Web site for the camper.


Campers work in pairs or groups of three to build and program a robot using Lego NXT to accomplish a certain task, such as popping a balloon or following a line along the floor.

Robotics Competition

After building and programming their robots, teams now come together in a friendly competition to see whose robot performs the given task most effectively and efficiently. A day-to-day leaderboard tracks the point scores of each team, and winners take home bragging rights.

End of Camp Day

After Program Pick-up

Nominal fee applies.


We're Looking Forward to Seeing You

Getting in Touch


Phone: 519-661-3566
Fax: 519-661-3515


Contact us via email at
We try to reply to all inquiries within 24 hours.


Bit By Bit Computer Camp
Middlesex College, Room 355
Western University
London, Ontario, N6A 5B7


From Richmond Street

Turn onto the University grounds at University Drive and proceed across the bridge. Go straight at the intersection of University Drive and Perth Drive. Take the first right into the Middlesex College cul-de-sac.

From Western & Sarnia Roads

Enter the University grounds at Huron Street, turn right at Lambton Drive, and continue around to Perth Drive. At the intersection of University and Perth Drive, turn left onto Middlesex Drive. Take the first right into the Middlesex College cul-de-sac.

From Windermere Road

Enter the University grounds at Perth Drive. At the intersection of University Drive and Perth Drive, turn right onto Middlesex Drive. Take the first right into the Middlesex College cul-de-sac.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Drop-off and pick-up each day will be at the front entrance to Middlesex College. The campers will be in Rooms 230 and 235.

Upon leaving the Middlesex College cul-de-sac, be sure to turn right to exit the campus, as Middlesex Drive is a one-way street.


Volunteer with Bit By Bit

Volunteering at Bit By Bit is a great opportunity for older students who are passionate about computer science and technology. Volunteers will help counsellors ensure the camp runs smoothly by assisting in supervising campers, running fun camp games, and helping campers complete their programming challenges.

High school students who are looking to fulfill their community service requirements will be able to have their time sheets signed by the head Bit By Bit counsellors.

Application opens at the same time as camp registration

See you next year!